Brave Frontier News Feed

Be notified when a new in-game news is published in Brave Frontier (Global) and Brave Frontier 2 (Japan).

The news URL and a preview will be posted in the specified channel, as you see them in-game.

!newsfeed toggle

Command Syntax

!newsfeed toggle [--game {game identifier}] [--force]

Command Description

Enables or disables one or more News Feed(s) in the current channel.

  • For Brave Frontier by gumi, the GL news feed is supported. The game identifier is bf1 or bf.

  • For Brave Frontier 2 by Alim, JP is the only available feed. The game identifier is bf2.

This module used to support Brave Frontier and Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner by gumi Europe as well, but the support for those feeds was dropped after the games were discontinued.

The Brave Frontier (GL) feed also supports sending updates whenever a news is updated.


Once enabled, the feed won’t post any old news. It will only start posting as soon as new (or updated) news are published.

If you want to enable multiple feeds in one channel, you can either:

  • Use a single command, splitting multiple games or languages with , (comma), no spaces.

  • Use multiple commands, one per feed.

If the game is omitted, the Brave Frontier feed will be toggled.


There can only be 1 game news feed channel in each server (you can enable different games in different channels, but one game feed cannot be enabled in 2 or more channels). To move an existing feed to another channel, disable it in the first one before enabling it to its new channel. You can also use the --force parameter in the new channel to automatically move the feed to the new channel while disabling the old one.


If you move your feed, all those news that were already posted will not carry over to the new channel.


!newsfeed toggle
!newsfeed toggle --game bf2
!newsfeed toggle --game bf1,bf2